Iman Galea, Fitness Co-ordinator and MBF Qualified Coach, has been boxing from the age of 11. Iman was trained by his father, Jimmy Galea, together with Bertu Camilleri and late Angelo Gatt throughout his boxing career.

At a later stage, Iman and Jimmy decided to train others for fitness and boxing at competition level. At first, they trained family members including Iman’s brothers, which soon led friends to join them. Requests for training by Iman and Jimmy from friends of friends soon followed. In Iman Galea’s own words “It was a domino effect”.

“We still make sure that people who join us, fit in with our team as we want to make sure to keep it all like a family thing...Boxing is not just about fighting but it is also about discipline and respect. Through the years we met people from all walks of life who train with us and most of them comment about the difference the sport itself made in their life.”


  • Iman - Fitness Trainer


  • Jimmy - Fitness Trainer


  • Brian - Fitness Trainer


  • Andrea - Fitness Trainer


  • Karl - Fitness Trainer


  • Isaac - Fitness Trainer


  • Jasmin - Fitness Trainer



Personal Training

The best investment you can ever make is in your health.

The knowledge, the skills and experience of our personal trainers will help you achieve your goals, feeding your self confidence and motivation.

Fitness programs are developed specifically for the individual’s needs, adapting also for those with particular injuries.

Our personal sessions involve strength and cardiovascular training, an excellent combination for weight loss and toning up.

Ideal for people who wish to achieve long term results but also for individual with a target or a deadline, such as athletes training for a competition.

Sessions are available from Monday to Sunday by booking in advance.

Adult Fitness Boxing Classes

Our classes are for people of all ages, both male and female. Our training include non – contact boxing exercises that target all the muscle groups in the body. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, they are ideal for losing weight and toning up at the same time.

Our training has also been helpful to many sports athletes who were looking for an alternative way to keep fit other than their sport. Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, Footballers, Tennis players, Rugby players and Basketball players are a few examples.

To keep fit I & J Fitness Team does not limit classes to the gym. We organize intensive but enjoyable training sessions on the sand and for those interested in Road Races and Marathons there are also the running classes for beginners and more advanced.

Outdoor Training - Adult Class
Outdoor Training - Adult Class
Indoor Training - Adult Class
Fitness Training - Adult Class

Kids Fitness Boxing Classes

An exciting way of introducing fitness to young children.

Ideal for both boys and girls, children can start attending the juniors’ classes from the age of 6 till 12 years.

Under the supervision of qualified coaches, children are taught a sport through fitness and games. We make it fun for them but at the same time introduce kids to discipline and respect for others by working in a team as much as possible.

I & J Fitness Team trainers feel the need to go beyond the physical aspect of training, and from time to time follow-up also on the kids eating habits and healthy lifestyle. Making sure that at such a young age they realize the harm of eating and drinking junk food, and other unhealthy habits.

The gym organizes an annual charity event. Being also essential members of our team, children are encouraged to get involved as well and learn to use their knowledge in aid of others.

Classes are being held on Saturdays at 09.00

Little Boxers - Kids Class
Pads Training - Kids Class
Fitness Training - Kids Class
Fitness Training - Kids Class

Amateur Boxing Classes

For those who wish to take training a step further and become amateur boxers, the club provides more intensive fitness and practice sessions.

Boxers are coached by Iman Galea with the help of the senior coach Jimmy Galea. Both trainers possess a good and solid background in Amateur and Professional boxing.

For over 10 years the club has been coaching boxers of various ages and genders, boasting a good number of wins in Malta and abroad.

With a numerous attendance of amateur boxers, the gym provides the opportunity to its trainees to spar / practice with a mixture of boxers, thus helping to increase the experience and knowledge of how to use various techniques depending on the partner you are practising with.

Boxers group photo - Amateur Boxing
Sparring - Amateur Boxing
Sparring - Amateur Boxing

Running Groups

We organize intensive but enjoyable training sessions on the sand and for those interested in Road Races and Marathons there are also the running classes for beginners and more advanced.

Half Marathon - Running Groups
Training - Running Groups
Training - Running Groups
Finishing - Running Groups

Other Activities

Sand Runs

Group - Sand Runs
Workout - Sand Runs
Warming Up - Sand Runs
Warming Up - Sand Runs

Training Camps

Group - Training Camp
Running - Training Camp
Warming Up - Training Camp
Tug of war - Training Camp

The Grid

Training - The Grid
Group phpto - The Grid

Team Building Sessions

Group - Team Building
Running - Team Building

Iron Man

Participants - Iron Man
Finish line - Iron Man



* Adult Fitness Class * Amateur Boxing Class * Youths Class 12-16 years * Kids Class 6-11 years

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